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Vidya Subramanian's Carnatic Music Resource Page

For info/queries, please email Ph: 518-772-2733(USA), 044-4260-6129 (India)
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Vidya Subramanian's Online Carnatic Classes


Vidya's excellent communication skills, extensive performance experience, wide repertoire, international exposure and meticulousness make her one of the most sought after teachers of Carnatic music at the global level. Vidya Subramanian's online Academy of Carnatic music welcomes students of all ages, locations and levels. Vidya heads a network of highly proficient teachers who help each student progress successfully towards her learning goals in a focussed manner. Intrigued by her Raagarasika podcasts, music lovers from Indian as well as other cultural backgrounds reach out to Vidya to learn more about this divine art form. Online veena, flute and violin instruction is also given by experienced teachers in Vidya's group.
 Online (Skype) Classes: Live lessons offered in the following categories:
  • Carnatic and devotional vocal
  • Melodic instruments - Veena, Violin, Flute
  • Percussion - Mrudangam
  • Bharatanatyam
  • Sanskrit slokas and Tamil chants 
  • Sanskrit and Tamil language classes

Vidya being honored at Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit event by Niti Aayog / FICCI as an inspiring Woman Entrepreneur (Nov 2017)

Vidya receiving "Vocational Excellence Award" from Rotary Club of Chennai Spotlight for her work in online music teaching and women empowerment (Nov 2016)

BBC News, Zubair Ahmed, May 13 2013
....Online tuition through live video chat devices is becoming a popular medium of learning Indian classical dance, music and instruments in the Western world and beyond...

Many foreign students are either professional musicians in their own countries, or trying to establish themselves in the world of music and dance.

A French woman, who was learning classical southern Indian ragas from her teacher, Vidya Subramanian, is a jazz player in her country.

She says she is learning ragas "from Vidya with a view to improvising and using it whenever I can in jazz. It'll give me an edge".

Youthful Vidya Subramnian returned to her home town Chennai three years ago having lived and worked in the US for 15 years, to raise her children in India.

She left a lucrative career as a chartered accountant but quickly re-established herself in Chennai in classical singing.

Today she is a leading online teacher of classical singing. She works alongside a group of teachers to impart training to eager students overseas.

"I have no regrets. I had to look after my family. So, I decided to take up online teaching from home."

Teaching online means that Vidya Subramanian can also look after her children at home

Vidya Subramanian says working from home allows her to look after her children, and gives her the freedom to choose what time she wants to take classes.

...India once had a great tradition of disciples learning at the feet of their gurus. That tradition seems to have been revived - in virtual world - thanks to technology.


Online Carnatic Teaching Opportunities 
Vidya heads a fast growing network of talented, experienced and dedicated teachers who are located across different continents. She welcomes Carnatic musicians and teachers to contact her for online teaching opportunities.
Student Testimonials

(from a student in Czech Republic): "I´m very happy for today´s lesson.  It is wonderful work you are doing…. Thank you very much for the materials. I really appreciate them! As I wrote to you, I've bought the beginner CD you suggested. I wish you all the best and many enthusiastic students from all around the world."




“I first stumbled upon Vidya's school of music in October 2012 when my daughter and I were searching for the right teacher… We sought out a teacher who would be able to find balance between my daughter's busy academic high school life and her love for music. Under Vidya's tutelage, we accomplished what we originally planned smoothly. Every class with Vidya was immensely productive and it was gratifying to learn that no time or energy was lost after each session.  What I found most impressive though, was Vidya's detailed preview and review of each lesson.  As a concerned parent, it was fulfilling to see such detailed information about each session.  Of course, it was evermore the effect that Vidya's background and experience had on everyone. Nearly all other acquaintances were astonished to find how convenient the schedules were given her busy concert schedules in India.


Throughout our journey, I have found that there has been significant change in my daughter's perspective of music.  While the same respect and honor are there, her understanding of this art form has allowed her to grow out her roots and realize her true potential.  We are so fortunate to have Vidya and there is so much more for my daughter to learn from her.  It makes me feel proud that my daughter's passion for music is in safe professional hands that will most certainly take her to new heights in her musical career.”



Throughout the course of my short acquaintance with Vidya Aunty, I feel that I have progressed so far in my musical education.  I first came to know about her when my mother was seeking a teacher who would be able to provide training for a musical recital we planned to have on my birthday.  We had made all of the required preparations and had all the necessities ready except for a teacher who would give the guidance for a focused and serious 90 minute program.  Unfortunately, even after months of searching for the perfect and available local teacher, my family was at a dead end. 


However, one lucky day, we stumbled upon a very impressive bio.  My mother and I were astonished to see that this person, Vidya Aunty, was so accomplished and we were further excited to see that she offered such accommodating classes.  Eagerly, we immediately sought classes with her.  I began to learn with rapid progression.  What surprised me most though, was Vidya Aunty's style of teaching.  Her ability to connect with me and make the most of my time and her time was simply astounding.  She provided a multitude of resources to learn from in my free time and allowed me to understand music in a modern and technological way. 


It wasn't till we arrived at the culmination of our journey that I realized what she had really done.  I was no longer lost because I had found my love and passion for music.  In this new evolving world, it is incredibly difficult to accommodate an ancient and revered art form such as Carnatic music with our fast-speed and changing lives.  This was truly what I learned in my time with Vidya Aunty: it is very much possible to continue a love for an art wherever one might be only if that love is molded and guided over a strong foundation so that it may reach the right direction.

"The ...knowledge ...I have gained since has helped me to connect more powerfully with the emotional content of Carnatic music.  A year ago, I would not have thought this could be possible.  I thank you once again for giving me to such a gift."

“Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher....I definitely see a huge change in my liking for music and also a reduction in the fear for appoaching manodharmaaspects-especially kalpana swarams.”


"I am now trying to get back in touch with serious music, but I have moved to Sweden and hence been unable to get proper classes locally. The option of taking classes with you over skype sounds wonderful."
"You will be happy to know that ..... got .... place in Vocal krithi (competition)....Vidya, everybody wanted me to communicate to you that you had a done a fabulous job teaching her."  

“I can say with utmost confidence that if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made progress. I think the main thing you have helped me with is being the best that I possibly can be.... helping me develop confidence or innovation when I'm singing or even embellishing every note."  

Distant Melodies: Interview in The Telegraph, Calcutta


Sunday, November 13, 2011
Abimanyu Nagarajan, The Telegraph - Calcutta


“I’ve got students from all over the world,” says Vidya Subramanian, a Carnatic musician based in Chennai, who has been giving online lessons for the past six years. “I have students in Africa, the US, the UK and Australia.” .....Indeed, the practice has so many takers now that many music teachers, who once taught online only as part time exercise, have now opted to do it full time. For example, Subramanian, who is a chartered accountant with an MBA degree, has switched careers to focus solely on online teaching. She has even developed an extensive online network where aspiring music students can get in touch with the right teachers....

“Usually, I give a few free lessons to gauge the student, and then put him or her in touch with someone who would make a good teacher. We also have regular teacher training sessions.” ....

"There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the fees, though,” clarifies Subramanian. “For example, we wouldn’t want to turn away talented students just because they can’t pay the usual rate. Other factors include the standard of the student, whether it’s a one-on-one session, the standard of the teacher, and so on.”.......