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Vidya Subramanian's Pre-recorded Lesson Sets 
Based on popular demand, Vidya is pleased to bring out pre-recorded lesson sets. Each Lesson Set contains a mix of carefully selected songs, complete with notation in PDF format, the song rendered by Vidya in MP3 format as well as the lesson (appropriately formatted for the student to repeat and learn by listening and/or following the notation), again in MP3 format. Upon receipt of payment, a secure download link will be sent to the buyer's email address for immediate digital download. ***
Product Code A101: Improvisation in Carnatic Vocals - Alapana 101
Lesson Set
 For direct digital download of the lessons,
Price: USD 24.99 inclusive of shipping and handling  


Ever wondered about how Indian classical musicians improvise so effortlessly? Learn to sing Alapana (free flowing Carnatic style improvisation) on vocals! Each lesson has lucid English language explanations. This audio set contains six lessons, each covering alapana or free flowing improvisation in a well known Carnatic raga (melody). Each lesson is approximately 40 minutes in duration. Explanations in English help draw listener attention to various highlights of the ragas (melodies). Ragas taught - Mohanam, Saveri, Madhyamavathy, Sriranjani, Saveri and Kambhoji. Price includes a full set of accompanying notes (English pdf). Suitable for Intermediate to advanced learners.***



 Product Code AIT: Andal's Immortal Tiruppavai Complete Lesson Set
 For direct digital download of Tiruppavai lessons,
Price: USD 50 inclusive of shipping and handling


Learn to sing all 30 Tiruppavai songs at your own pace, from the comfort of your home! Andal's 30 immortal poems forming the Tiruppavai composed in beautiful Tamizh have been rendered in distinct ragams. The set includes lyrics, detailed notations, meanings, pre-recorded class/lesson (all in English) for each Tiruppavai as well as a complete rendition for reference and practice. Ragam

appreciation comments have also been included in the course of each lesson. Suitable for students of all levels.***


Product Code DS1: Devi Songs Vol I Lesson Set
Price: USD 25 inclusive of shipping and handling

Ideal for self-learning. Includes 5 complete lessons with English language audio instructions, full song mp3, pdf notations. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.***




1. Saraswati namosthuthe - Saraswathi - Rupakam - G N Balasubramaniam

2. Kaumari - Gaurivelavali - Adi - Dikshitar

3. Saarasamukhi - Gowdamalhaar - Rupakam - Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar

4. Nee ninaindhaal - Darbaari kaanada - Adi - Periasami Thooran

5. Karunai Deivame - Sindubhairavi - Adi - Madurai T Srinivasan


Product Code KS1: Krishna Songs Vol I Lesson Set
Price: USD 25 inclusive of shipping and handling

Ideal for self-learning. Includes 5 complete lessons with English language audio instructions, full song mp3, pdf notations. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.***





1. Alaippayuthey - Kaanada - Adi - Oothukkaadu Venkatasubbaiyyer

2. Saamaja Vara Gamana - Hindolam - Adi - Thyagaraja

3. Tillana - Madhuvanti - Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman

4. Sri Venugopala - Kurinji - Misra Jhampa - Muthuswamy Dikshitar

5. Paahi Paahi Jaganmohana Krishna - Nadanamakriya - Adi - Narayana Teertha

Product Code V1: Varnams Vol I Lesson Set


Price: USD 30 inclusive of shipping and handling

Ideal for self-learning. Includes 5 complete varnam lessons with English language audio instructions, full song mp3, pdf notations. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. Over 3 hours of audio content!***


                              Contents - 5 varnams

1.  Thanjam enraale - Abhogi - Adi - Papanasam Sivan

2. Neeve gaani - Mandaari - Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman

3. Chalamu seya - Valaj - Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman

4. Karunimpa - Sahana - Adi - Tiruvottriyoor Thiagaiyyar

5. Sarasija nabha - Kambhoji - Ata - Vadivelu


Vidya Subramanian's Audio CDs
Product Code B123: Beginner Carnatic CD Set
Price for full set: USD 40 inclusive of shipping and handling
(Beginner CD 1, 2 or 3 can be purchased individually for USD 15 each - email Vidya to order separately)
  (To directly download the Beginner Set in full or by track, visit )
Vidya is pleased to introduce a 3 volume Beginner Set containing a total of over 30 items including  - Vol 1 contains simple pieces for the beginner, with Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 containing progressively complex pieces.  Care has been taken to include a mix of composers, languages, ragams, talams to provide the beginning level learner a good introduction to various musical aspects. Each Vol. has over 10 pieces. Lyrics and lesson notes in English included. Renderings are in sruti 6 ("A")***
Please note this CD not in lesson format, but has renditions of all the songs in a slow, easy to sing along format. An ideal, easy-to-follow Set for a Beginner to Carnatic music. Buyers will receive a single CD with audio in MP3 format and notations in pdf format.

Beginner Vol 1- includes Sarali varisai - Jhanta varisai - Varaveena - Srigananatha - Paripalaya - Sri Rama - Kamala Nayana - Nagumomu -  Natanam Aadinaar - Scales - Swara Exercises

Beginner Vol 2 - includes Alankarams - Jatiswaram - Scales II - Oka Maata - Kaalaharana - Ranjani - Kshirabdi shayana - Balapahi - Ramabhadra - Maitrim Bhajata - Naan oru vilayaatu bommaiyaa Beginner Vol 3 - includes Varnam in Mohanam - Varnam in Shankarabharanam - Mooladhara - Scales III & IV - Sujana Jeevana - Saarasa Suvadana - Yaare Rangana - Sri parthasarathi - Nannu brova 

Product Code MSA: 72 Melakarta Scales and Alankarams in 6 Ragams- 2 Vol Set
 (For direct digital download of this product in full or by track,
Price for full set: USD 20 inclusive of shipping and handling


  This two volume Set contains Arohanam/Avarohanam for each of the 72 Melakarta Ragams rendered by Vidya with simple explanatory notes in Vol 1 and Alankarams rendered in the following Ragams - Shankarabharanam, Pantuvarali, Kharaharapriya, Kalyani, Todi and Harikambhoji in Vol 2. Excellent practice to improve voice culture and grasp of swaras. Buyers will receive a single CD with all the audio in slow, easy to sing along MP3 format. A great way to strengthen one's grasp of fundamentals. Suitable for students of all levels. Renderings are in sruti 6 ("A")***


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