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NEW!!! Raaga Rasika Presents
Guide to Carnatic Concert Appreciation Vol I and Vol II
Introductory offer! USD 29.99 (inclusive of shipping). 2 pack DVD product.
Have you been intrigued by Indian Classical music concerts? Do you want to get an insider's view of how a Carnatic concert is planned and performed? This collector's edition 2 pack DVD set includes over 3 hours of video - a full length concert by Vidya's ensemble interspersed with detailed explanations and analysis in English. This is an educational product that will interest art lovers, musicians, teachers and students.  Bulk discounts available!
How to order:
By USD Check:You can order the DVD set by enclosing a USD check for $ 29.99 and mailing it to The 1st National Bank of Scotia, Attn: GE Global Research Branch, 201 Mohawk Ave, Scotia, NY 12302. Checks must be made payable to "Vidya Subramanian". Please email Vidya with your name, check number, amount and include your contact postal address. We will ship the DVD set by regular mail as soon as your check is received.
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If placing a bulk order (3 copies or more), please email Vidya to get pricing details.
Email Vidya if you need any status updates on your order.   
About this DVD set 

Carnatic music is the name given to the classical music of South India. Concerts are usually performed by a small ensemble of musicians, consisting of a principal performer (usually a vocalist), a melodic accompanist (usually on violin), one or more rhythmic accompanists (usually on mridangam, often assisted by a secondary percussionist). The tambura is the drone instrument. This DVD contains a full length Carnatic music concert performed by Vidya Subramanian’s ensemble. Explanations and subtitles in English help draw audience attention to various highlights of the performance. Each of the ten items performed is preceded by an English language introduction about the music form, raga (melody), composer, tala (rhythm) as well as improvisational elements. Post performance analysis also included. References have been made to relevant Raaga Rasika podcast episodes so as to provide listeners with additional reference resources. The Raaga Rasika Team believes this video will be an interesting and truly enriching experience to new and experienced listeners alike.
Preview Excerpts from Guide to Carnatic Concert Appreciation Vol I and II
      Concert Description
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 TtOpening Lyric Musical FormRaga Tala Language Composer
#1Entho Prema...  VarnamSurutti  Adi TeluguPallavi Gopalayyar 
# 2Gajavadana... Kriti Sriranjani Adi Tamil Papanasam Sivan 
# 3 Gopakumara... KritiAtana Rupakam  SanskritOothukkadu Venkata Kavi 
# 4 Paramathmudu Velige... KritiVagadeeswari Adi Telugu Thyagaraja 
# 5Meenakshi memudam dehi...  KritiGamakakriya Adi Sanskrit Muthuswamy Dikshitar 
# 6Smarane ondhe saladhe... Devarnama Malayamarutam Adi Kannada Purandara Dasa 
# 7 Kadaikkan ... 
Ragam - Tanam - Pallavi
3 - part improvisation  Dhanyasi


(misra gati) 

Tamil N/A 
# 8Murugan endroru Kummi Anandabhairavi Eka
(tisra gati) 
Tamil Lalgudi Gopalayyar 
# 9Kondal vannanai...
Dheemta dheem... 
Adi (tillana) Tamil Tiruppan Azhwar (viruttam)
Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman (tillana) 
#10 Mangalam...Mangalam Vasanta Adi Sanskrit Ambi Dikshitar