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Vidya Subramanian's Carnatic Music Resource Page

For info/queries, please email Ph: 518-772-2733(USA), 044-4260-6129 (India)
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Vidya Subramanian is excited to present her Online Academy's Student Performances!
This is a unique project featuring a compilation of renditions by some of Vidya's Online Academy’s students from all over the world. The goal of this project is to showcase and encourage students of various ages, learning levels, locations and backgrounds. Please note that this is not a contest but a compilation of select student performances with the intent to motivate every student to learn at his or her own pace and enjoy the learning experience. Happy listening!
6th Student Talent Showcase! (Oct 2017): Theme: Celebrating Thru' Music

Vol 1 -  Click to access:

Vol 2 - Click to access:

 Vol 3 -  Click to access:

  Vol 4 -  Click to access:

Vol 5 - Click to access:  

5th Student Talent Showcase! (Aug 2017): Theme: A Garland of Slokas

Vol 1 -  Click to access: 

Vol 2 - Click to access:  
4th Student Talent Showcase! (Apr 2017): Theme: Tribute to Carnatic Composers
                                                         Vol 1 -  Click to access:
                                                         Vol 2 -  Click to access:
                                                         Vol 3 -  Click to access:

                                                         Vol 4 -  Click to access: 

                 3rd Student Talent Showcase! (Oct 2016): Theme: Navaratri

  Vol 1 -  Click to access:

Vol 2 - Click to access:

  Vol 3 - Click to access:

  Vol 4 - Click to access:

Vol 5 - Click to access:

  Vol 6 - Click to access:

Vol 7 - Click to access:

Vol 8 - Click to access:

Vol 9 - Click to access:

2nd Student Talent Showcase! (Apr 2016): Theme: Compositions on Lord Rama

Vol 1 -  Click to access:  

Vol 2 -  Click to access:
Vol 3 -  Click to access:
Vol 4 -  Click to access:
1st Student Talent Showcase! (Oct 2015): Theme: Navaratri  

                              Part 1 -  Click to access:


                     Part 2 - Click to access:


                Part 3 - Click to access:


                                Part 4 - Click to access:


                          Part 5 - Click to access:  


                            Part 6 - Click to access:

Part 7 - Click to access:


            Part 8 - Click to access:


         Part 9 - Click to access: