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Vidya Subramanian Academy

400+ VSA Exams administered! Check out level 1 and level 2 demo videos!

Online carnatic teaching - Vidya Subramanian

What do we offer?

Vidya Subramanian Academy offers live online classes (customized Skype/Zoom lessons) in Carnatic Music, Indian traditional arts and languages for all levels of learners. Recognized for her sustained excellence and expertise in online Carnatic music teaching and dedicated work towards women empowerment, Kalaimamani and Women Transforming India award winning vocalist and social entrepreneur Vidya Subramanian heads a highly experienced team of instructors with students all over the world. Our classes are customized to suit student level and interest, and have received extensive feedback as being among the best in the industry.

Please email to schedule a free trial lesson.

VSA WhatsApp number for queries +91 6379178531(text only)

Classes offered:

Carnatic Vocal | Instrumental (Violin, Veena, Flute, Mrudangam, Kanjira)

| Konnakol | Languages (Spoken & Written) - Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu | Sanskrit Slokas & Tamil Chants | Bharatanatyam Dance | Yoga | Slokas Hindustani Vocal

VSA Sabha
VSA Sabha

VSA Sabha

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VSA's Chamber performance Hall located in Adyar, Chennai

Upcoming Event: Jul 6 2024 - VSA workshop and student performances

Spend a day with Team VSA! A day-long event!


Carnatic Music

"I never miss a chance to recommend Vidya Subramanian Academy. And our assigned teacher has been instrumental in creating prolonged interest in classical music for my daughter.
Keep up the good work." 

-VSA Parent


"Enjoying my dance classes with my assigned teacher! Very satisfying - I feel young again!"

-VSA Dance Student

"Thanks so much to our assigned dance teacher for all her hard work in teaching my 6 year old. We really appreciate all your effort at teaching our young minds."

-VSA Parent



"We are extremely grateful for the learnings both our children are enjoying through your academy. The (vocal and language) teachers have been great. The Telugu teacher is phenomenal! We are keen to have our son continue his Telugu classes."

-VSA Parent




"We completed the Vishnu Sahasranamam Module recently. My Guru is an amazing teacher - passionate, patient and knowledgeable. I eagerly looked forward to her explanations every class. I am lucky and blessed to have her as my Guru.

-VSA Student

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