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Free Self-Study Audio-Visual Lessons

An educational outreach initiative of Vidya Subramanian Academy

The goal of this ongoing, free project is to encourage music lovers and students to self-learn various aspects of Carnatic music at their own pace.

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Fun with Carnatic Music - VSA Vocal Workshop 2022 (highlights)


Fun with Carnatic Music - Build your own swara patterns!


 Gems of Shyama Shastri - free swarajati lessons

Sri Shyama Shastri belongs to the Trinity of Carnatic music whose contribution to the art form is unparalleled. In this series, Vidya Subramanian and her senior students bring to you the masterpiece swarajatis of this phenomenal composer in an easy-to-follow audio-visual lesson format. While these complex compositions are best learned through live lessons, the goal of this project is to facilitate practice of these songs by students at their own pace.

Todi Swarajati - rAvE himgiri kumAri - Todi – Adi

Bhairavi Swarajati - Kamakshi - Bhairavi - Misra chapu

Yadukulakambhoju Swarajati - Kamakshi - Yadukulakambhoji - Misra chapu


Learn about concert format and various music appreciation aspects in this special "Naadanubhava" lec-dem that was organized as a curtain raiser to the 2019 Chennai music season.


Part 1                                                             Part 2

Lec-dem on Carnatic music - organized by IIT-MAA


Lec-dem on Carnatic Music Theory and Practice - Bridging the gap

Vidya discusses about the importance of developing a strong knowledge of Carnatic theory right from the foundational stage of learning. She also delves into how students of various learning levels can incorporate manodharma (improvisational) aspects as part of their learning / practice routine. The lecture also shares ideas that teachers and parents can include as part of their lesson plan to help students gain knowledge in theoretical aspects and apply the same to performance. Rasikas can also utilize the lecture to deepen their appreciation of those aspects of Carnatic theory that are generally applied in the concert performance scene.

Part 1       Part 2        Part 3       Part 4       Part 5


Raga identification is an exciting activity for many a Carnatic student and rasika! How are some listeners and music students are able to identify ragas instantly while many others struggle? This segment attempts to demystify the raga identification process through exercises, practical examples, tips and techniques. Audio samples have been used to enhance audience experience and understanding.

Part 1        Part 2       Part 3       Part 4

Lec-dem on Raga identification techniques and methods


Learn Saint Thyagaraja's Pancharatna kritis - free lesson set available on YouTube

The famous Pancharatna kritis are among the masterpiece compositions of Saint Thyagaraja. For the benefit of students and music lovers, Vidya has made the complete Pancharatna kritis lesson set freely available in an easy-to-learn audio visual YouTube format. While these complex compositions are best learned through live lessons, the goal of this project is to facilitate practice of these songs by students at their own pace. All five kritis are now available on Vidya's YouTube channel in lesson format:

Kriti 1 - Jagadaananda Karaka – Nattai – Adi

Kriti 2 - Dudugugala nanne – Gowlai – Adi

Kriti 3 - Sadinchene – Arabhi – Adi

Kriti 4 - Kanakana Ruchira – Varali – Adi

Kriti 5 - Endaro Mahaanubhavulu – Sri ragam – Adi


Learn Abirami Anthadhi, a set of devotional Tamil hymns - free lesson set available on YouTube

Vidya Subramanian has embarked on an exciting project of presenting Abirami Bhattar’s Abirami Anthadhi in ragamalika viruttam format. Self learn these beautiful verses in an easy-to-sing raga format in this free, 10 part audio-visual lesson series. These YouTube lessons have been taught by Smt. Chitra Venkataramani of Chennai. This project will likely be of interest to learners of all levels, including those with little singing experience. Click to access each link:

Audio podcast on Akaaram Singing techniques

Akaaram singing- click to listen to Vidya's educational podcast

More such projects are in the works and will be shared in the coming months! Feel free to share these YouTube links with your friends who may be interested!

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