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Vidya Subramanian Academy offers online Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) lessons. Our dance teachers have received extensive training from legendary Gurus and have extensive performance as well as teaching experience. Classes are customized to suit the student’s aptitude and goals and taught online in a one-on-one setting. 

  • Level 1 – Adavus (Basic Steps)

  • Level 2 – Simple Korvai ( Jathi)

  • Level 3 – Margam (includes Pushpanjali ,Allarippu, Jatheeshwaram ,Shabdham,Varnam ,Padam , Javali , Thillana )

Our recent Bharatanatyam Student Showcase - 



The konnakkol class is an 8 hour module in which the rhythm expert will introduce the student to rhythmic patterns and intricacies. The level and lesson plan of each module are completely customized to suit the student’s goals, prior exposure and interest. Open to students of all levels. A perfect opportunity for vocal and melodic instrumental students to improve their understanding of tala intricacies and strengthen their grip on layam. After completing the block, the student may sign up for another block if he/she wishes to move on to the next level! Classes taught by experienced percussion artists with extensive concert performance as well as teaching experience.

Our recent Student Showcase featuring mrudangam, kanjira and konnakkol students - 


Yoga, Meditation & Mindful Living classes

Vidya Subramanian Academy offers beginner’s level Asana, Pranayama and Meditation / Relaxation techniques that will help you reconnect with yourself and with nature. Sessions are designed to invite a holistic approach towards well-being.


Students will be provided with tips on Mindfulness, Healthy diet and Lifestyle at the end of the session. 

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Session Structure:  Every session of Yoga lasts for 1 hour.
Typical session break up:

Mindful Yogasana Flow                     35 minutes

Pranayama                                          10 minutes

Meditation / Yoga Nidra                   10 minutes

Class Tip & Discussion                      5 minutes

About the instructors: Our Yoga instructors have completed advanced Yoga Teacher Training programs. They have also been practising the Yoga lifestyle which is not just restricted to the body (asanas), but encompasses lifestyle as a whole. Our instructors share their personal experience to guide students to stay fit (mind, body & energy) so that they can head towards larger and more important goals in life (journey to the self).

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