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Welcome To Raaga Rasika

Raaga Rasika - Podcasts by Vidya and Devesh that Explore the World of Carnatic Music

Raaga Rasika is a free series of audio podcasts and interviews by Vidya Subramanian and Devesh Satyavolu exploring the world of Carnatic Music! Carnatic music is one of the two main styles of Indian Classical music most prevalent in the southern part of India, comprising of the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Each episode covers a topic of interest such as a raaga, composition, composer, place, or a musical term. Are you a novice just getting exposed to Carnatic Music? Wish you could listen a concert with a deeper understanding? Are you a connoisseur who wants to discuss and explore intricate nuances? Join us on this musical journey! We look forward to hearing from you. Your comments, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and critiques are welcome! Also available in iTunes library. Visit us at

We are excited to see listeners tune in from all over the world! It gives us a lot of encouragement and inspiration to continue our efforts. And we thank you for your help in spreading the word.

A Sample From Listener Comments...

"I have been listening to your podcasts and find them quite enjoyable. I typically listen to them just before I meditate in the morning or afternoon. They are a nice transition from my daily activies into preparation for a restful meditation. Their short format is ideal for that. There is something about this music that resonates with me. I can't tell you why but it just does.."

 - Akosua

"I´m a German saxophone player. Besides being a jazz musician I studied Carnatic music for a while in Madras. I got my own Carnatic fusion project KARUNA 08 featuring Manickam Yogeswaram on vocal. I´m very happy that I found your site. I already learned a lot and will continue to listen to you" 

- Rainer

"I am very happy to have found your site and podcasts. I come from a very small country (Slovenia) in Europe where we don’t have any Indian music teachers, much less teachers of Carnatic music. I learned some Carnatic music in India but as we all know learning without a teacher or from books is very limited, practically impossible. So I am very happy and grateful to have found your site. Please keep up such good work!"

- Emilija

"Thank for a wonderful initiative! Though I have been practicing mridangam for over 10 years, I never learned the raagas in a detailed manner. Your episodes are helping me understand the basics of each raaga as well as the differences between raagas. Keep it up!!"

- S. Shaastry

"Congratulations to the Raagarasika team. This is one more step towards spreading the magic and gospel of Carnatic Music, thereby promoting the south Indian culture worldwide" 

- A. Mohan

"This is a good initiative. Wish you the very best!" - Prakash

"Congratulations on excellent presentation. Very professional and thoroughly enjoyable." - Vasu

"An excellent idea. Keep up the good work." - Kumar

"Pathbreaking effort!" - Sharada

"Got the information through Sangeethapriya discussion group. Excited to listen to program of such kind - novel thought - in spreading the mesmerizing Carnatic Music to the world. Thanks to both of you for your dedication and time spent towards this noble cause. This definitely is a pleasure to patrons like me living in the Western world!!!!! Keep up this work always." 

- P Gopala

"Congratulate and thank both of you for starting Raaga Rasika podcasts that are an excellent means to discuss, clarify and learn new things on Carnatic music." 

- S. Seshadri

"Congratulations on your innovative ideas - keep it up ! Let our Carnatic music travel without any boundaries at the global level ! Hats off to your efforts and your time!"

- R. Nagarajan

"I came across your program, by chance, from iTunes store and am finding it extremely interesting and useful. Glad to see that you both are devoting your time and effort in creating this lecture series. Your lead-in to the episodes and interviewing are good and professional. I also admire Vidya's bronze-like voice quality and clear pronunciation; great gifts to have! Please keep up the good work. I will continue to listen."

- A. Subramanian

"My sincere thanks and appreciation for producing this wonderful podcast to both of you. Being a student and lover of Carnatic music it gives me immense satisfaction and learning to listen to Vidya's renditions and explanations. Again I am grateful to her for sharing her knowledge with all of us and making it presentable in such a simple form. Hope you continue this series for a long time." 

- S. Meena

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