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Let us work with you in your journey into the Traditional Arts.

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Alternatively, you may send us an email with the following information at to schedule a free trial lesson:


  • Name of the student

  • Age (if less than 18)

  • Location (City/State/Country)

  • Class category (Vocal, Instrumental - Violin/Veena/Flute/Mrudangam/Kanjira, Konnakkol, Dance, Yoga, Slokas, Language classes (spoken & written): Sanskrit / Tamil / Telugu / Kannada)

VSA WhatsApp number for queries +91 6379178531(text only)

 Thanks for your interest! We will respond in 2-3 business days.

VSA Teaching Opportunities

We are looking to add to our growing team. We are looking for hard-working, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers to conduct online classes in Carnatic vocal, Instrumental, Hindustani vocal, Percussion, Languages, Yoga and Bharatanatyam. 

To learn more, please contact Vidya.

VSA Webinar - learn about our classes, exams, workshops, certification and more!

Join us as we take a look at Vidya Subramanian Academy's class offerings and other initiatives, including VSA Exams, VSA Workshops and learn more about our customized approach to the teaching - learning process.

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