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Online Carnatic Classes

Vidya Subramanian Academy has established itself as a global leader in student focused online Carnatic music lessons. Vidya has successfully leveraged her in depth knowledge of music and her business training to adapt traditional Carnatic music pedagogy to suit an online, culturally diverse student group. Students from all over the world reach out to Vidya to receive training in this art form in a technically sound manner in a customized, easy to follow format.

Classes are offered in Carnatic Vocal, Veena, Violin, Mrudangam and Kanjira. 

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Learn music online from the best and most student-friendly option in the industry!

Vidya's excellent communication skills, extensive performance experience, wide repertoire, international exposure and meticulousness make her one of the most sought after teachers of Carnatic music at the global level. Vidya Subramanian Academy welcomes students of all ages, locations and levels. Vidya heads a network of highly proficient teachers who help each student progress successfully towards her learning goals in a focussed manner. Intrigued by her Raagarasika podcasts, music lovers from Indian as well as other cultural backgrounds reach out to Vidya to learn more about this divine art form. Online instrumental instruction is also given by experienced teachers in Vidya's group.


Vidya's exemplary work in the online teaching of Carnatic music has led to her being featured in a special documentary on BBC World News. She was given a Vocational Excellence award by Rotary Club of Chennai Spotlight for her work in online music teaching and women empowerment (Nov 2016) and was also recognized as an inspiring woman entrepreneur in the technology / social impact space by NITI Aayog and FICCI in their prestigious Road to GES 2017 event.

Vidya speaks about her path as an entrepreneur in the field of online music teaching as a panelist in the discussion "Her Story: Meet the most inspiring women entrepreneurs who carved a name for themselves in technology businesses/ social impact space". Pictures from the Road to GES Event.


All classes conducted over the Internet using Skype


Customized Skype lessons offered in the following Categories:

Carnatic & Devotional - Vocal, Melodic instruments (veena, violin, flute), Percussion - mrudangam, kanjira and konnakkol (art of performing percussion syllables vocally), Bharatanatyam, Yoga, Hindusthani vocal

Sanskrit language & Slokas, Tamil language & Chants.

(BBC News Feature on Vidya's work)

...Online tuition through live video chat devices is becoming a popular medium of learning Indian classical dance, music and instruments in the Western world and beyond... Many foreign students are either professional musicians in their own countries, or trying to establish themselves in the world of music and dance. A French woman, who was learning classical southern Indian ragas from her teacher, Vidya Subramanian, is a jazz player in her country. She says she is learning ragas "from Vidya with a view to improvising and using it whenever I can in jazz. It'll give me an edge".

Youthful Vidya Subramnian returned to her home town Chennai three years ago having lived and worked in the US for 15 years, to raise her children in India. She left a lucrative career as a chartered accountant but quickly re-established herself in Chennai in classical singing. Today she is a leading online teacher of classical singing. She works alongside a group of teachers to impart training to eager students overseas. "I have no regrets. I had to look after my family. So, I decided to take up online teaching from home."

Teaching online means that Vidya Subramanian can also look after her children at home Vidya Subramanian says working from home allows her to look after her children, and gives her the freedom to choose what time she wants to take classes.

...India once had a great tradition of disciples learning at the feet of their gurus. That tradition seems to have been revived - in virtual world - thanks to technology.



From a student in Czech Republic

"I´m very happy for today´s lesson. It is wonderful work you are doing…. Thank you very much for the materials. I really appreciate them! As I wrote to you, I've bought the beginner CD you suggested. I wish you all the best and many enthusiastic students from all around the world."
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